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By M. Emadi, K. H. Sadeghi, A. Jafargholi, and F. Marvasti

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This paper deals with the possibilities of cancellation of unwanted signals by steering nulls of the pattern in the direction of arrival of signal while keeping the main beam to the desired direction. New iterative adaptive digital beam forming technique is presented here to enhance the conventional effectiveness of beam forming in common commercial application. Simulation and measurement results confirm that this algorithm can achieve effective Co-Channel Interference (CCI) suppression, while increasing the strength of the desired signal.

M. Emadi, K. H. Sadeghi, A. Jafargholi, and F. Marvasti, "Co Channel Interference Cancellation by the Use of Iterative Digital Beam Forming Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 87, 89-103, 2008.

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