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By A. R. Mallahzadeh and F. Karshenas

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This paper presents a novel method to enhance the pattern characteristics of the TEM horn antenna for 2-14 GHz frequency band. The conventional TEM horn antenna introduces some fluctuations in the main lobe radiation pattern over the higher frequencies, i.e., 10-14 GHz. This motivated us to propose a new method to remove the aforementioned impact by carving an arc shape to the open end of exponentially tapered plates. The associated curvature of this arc is optimized to completely remove the aforementioned fluctuation. The measurement results show that the improved TEM horn antenna structure exhibits low VSWR as well as good radiation pattern over 2-14 GHz frequency band.

A. R. Mallahzadeh and F. Karshenas, "Modified TEM Horn Antenna for Broadband Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 90, 105-119, 2009.

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