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By W. Zheng, Z. Zhao, Z.-P. Nie, and Q. H. Liu

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Practical interests arising from behind-the-wall target detection, surveillance and reconnaissance et al. claim for high capability of imaging in complicated environments. Time Reversal Mirror (TRM) technique, making use of the principle of reciprocity, emerges as a promising way to deal with such complex problem. In this paper, we investigate TRM in the ultra-wideband (UWB) through wall radar imaging (TWRI) through numerical simulation. The probing region is a square room, with walls of rough surface and random media parameters. TRM is used to image the target settled in the room. We evaluate the degradation of the images when the aperture of the array is decreased or the received signals are contaminated by noises. The back projection (BP) algorithm is employed here as a comparison for imaging quality. For the case in which the random walls are changed between the forward and inverse phase of time reversal, we check the imaging stability and applied an averaged Green's function to improve the imaging quality. Finally, some interesting conclusions are drawn.

W. Zheng, Z. Zhao, Z.-P. Nie, and Q. H. Liu, "Evaluation of TRM in the Complex through Wall Environment," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 90, 235-254, 2009.

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