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By U. C. Hasar and O. Simsek

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A simple approach for evaluation of the reciprocity of materials using raw scattering parameter measurements is proposed. This approach not only reduces the overall measurement time but also eliminates the need for calibrating the measurement system since it uses calibration-independent measurements. We have derived a metric function for reflecting and nonreflecting cells, which are used to house the sample under test. This function does not depend on electrical properties of materials and their lengths, and whether the cell is reflecting. We have also investigated the effects of the sample length and air pockets between sample external surfaces and cell inner walls on the performance of the evaluation of sample reciprocity.

U. C. Hasar and O. Simsek, "A Simple Approach for Evaluating the Reciprocity of Materials Without Using Any Calibration Standard," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 91, 139-152, 2009.

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