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By A. Tayebi, J. Gomez Perez, F. M. S. d. Adana Herrero, and O. Gutierrez Blanco

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This work presents a new indoor localization method based on the fingerprinting technique. The proposed method uses a ray-tracing model that provides information about multipath effects. This information is stored in a dataset during the first stage of the fingerprinting method. The direction of arrival (DOA) and received signal strength (RSS) are used in the fingerprinting technique as a hybrid system. The localization estimation is calculated while taking into account the Euclidian distance between the DOA and the RSS from each unknown position and the information of the fingerprints. Numerical calculations were performed to show the mean and the standard deviation of the estimated error.

A. Tayebi, J. Gomez Perez, F. M. S. d. Adana Herrero, and O. Gutierrez Blanco, "The Application of Ray-Tracing to Mobile Localization Using the Direction of Arrival and Received Signal Strength in Multipath Indoor Environments," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 91, 1-15, 2009.

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