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By J.-H. Bae, W.-K. Choi, J.-S. Kim, G.-Y. Choi, and J.-S. Chae

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In this paper, we present a demodulation structure suitable for a reader receiver in a passive Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) environment. In a passive RFID configuration, undesirable DC-offset phenomenon may appear in the baseband of the reader receiver. As a result, this DC-offset phenomenon can severely degrade the performance of the extraction of valid information from a received signal in the reader receiver. To mitigate the DC-offset phenomenon, we propose a demodulation structure to reconstruct a corrupted signal with the DC-offset phenomenon, by extracting useful transition information from the corrupted signal. It is shown that the proposed method can successfully detect valid data from a received signal, even when the received baseband signal is distorted with the DC-offset phenomenon.

J.-H. Bae, W.-K. Choi, J.-S. Kim, G.-Y. Choi, and J.-S. Chae, "Study on the Demodulation Structure of Reader Receiver in a Passive RFID Environment," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 91, 243-258, 2009.

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