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By S. Behera and K. J. Vinoy

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This paper presents a generalized approach to design an electromagnetically coupled microstrip ring antenna for dual-band operation. By widening two opposite sides of a square ring antenna, its fractional bandwidth at the primary resonance mode can be increased significantly so that it may be used for practical applications. By attaching a stub to the inner edge of the side opposite to the feed arm, some of the losses in electrical length caused by widening can be regained. More importantly, this addition also alters the current distribution on the antenna and directs radiations at the second resonant frequency towards boresight. It has also been observed that for the dual frequency configurations studied, the ratio of the resonant frequencies (fr2/frr) can range between 1.55 and 2.01. This shows flexibility in designing dual frequency antennas with a desired pair of resonant frequencies.

S. Behera and K. J. Vinoy, "Microstrip Square Ring Antenna for Dual-Band Operation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 93, 41-56, 2009.

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