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By F. Faghihi and H. Heydari

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This paper proposes a hybrid methodology that combines an extended form of Finite-Deference Time-Domain (FDTD) method with Time Domain Physical Optics (TDPO) for analysis of 3-D scattering of combinative objects in complex electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems. Establishing a covariant formulation for FDTD, the extended algorithm introduces a parametric topology of accurate nonstandard schemes for the non-orthogonal div-curl problem and the suppression of lattice dispersion. For complex-combined objects including a small size (SS) and large size (LS) parts, using TDPO is an appropriate approach for coupling between two regions. Thus our technique solves the EMC complexity with the help of higher order FDTD (HOFDTD) and the combinatory structures by using of the TDPO. Numerical validation confirms the superiority of the proposed algorithm via realistic EMC applications.

F. Faghihi and H. Heydari, "Time Domain Physical Optics for the Higher-Order FDTD Modeling in Electromagnetic Scattering from 3-D Complex and Combined Multiple Materials Objects," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 95, 87-102, 2009.

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