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By Z. Kancleris, G. Slekas, V. Tamosiunas, and M. Tamosiuniene

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A resistive sensor (RS) devoted for high power microwave pulse measurement in cylindrical waveguide is considered. The modeling results of the interaction of the TE01 (H01) wave with a semiconductor plate with contacts on sidewalls of the plate placed on a wall of the circular waveguide are presented. A finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method was employed for the calculation of the electromagnetic field components, reflection coefficient from the semiconductor obstacle, and the average electric field in it. The features of the resonances have been used to engineer the frequency response of the RS. It has been found that such electrophysical parameters of the plate can serve as the prototype of the sensing element (SE) for the circular waveguide RS with flat frequency response.

Z. Kancleris, G. Slekas, V. Tamosiunas, and M. Tamosiuniene, "Resistive Sensor for High Power Microwave Pulse Measurement of Te01 Mode in Circular Waveguide," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 92, 267-280, 2009.

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