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By H.-H. Chou and H.-T. Chou

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This paper presents an approach of a shaped reflector antenna synthesis using a steepest decent method (SDM). It first discretizes the reflector surface into small patches and then uses grid nodes as variables in the synthesis procedure. Even though the number of variables can be very large for a large reflector antenna, the advantage of providing closed-form solutions for the derivatives of a cost function potentially makes this approach very efficient. The large number of variables also assists this procedure to reach a more global optimum as usually met in ordinary SDM. Numerical examples are presented to validate this approach.

H.-H. Chou and H.-T. Chou, "Fast Sdm for Shaped Reflector Antenna Synthesis via Patch Decompositions in PO Integrals," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 92, 361-375, 2009.

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