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By Y.-Z. Yu and W.-B. Dou

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In this paper, a quasi-optical Bessel resonator (QOBR) for generating approximations to Bessel-type modes at millimeter wavelengths have been designed and analyzed. A design approach is based on the quasi-optical techniques. In order to analyze the designed QOBR rigorously, a new method based on iterative Stratton-Chu formula (ISCF) is developed from the classical Fox-Li algorithm. And its validity is demonstrated. Numerical results reveal that at the output plane the intensity distributions of the Bessel-type modes of the QOBR are modulated by a bell-shaped envelope, and their phase patterns have a block-shaped profile except slight distortion on the edges of the element due to aperture diffraction. The effect of varying the parameters of the designed QOBR on the relevant output characteristics is also examined in our study.

Y.-Z. Yu and W.-B. Dou, "Quasi-Optical Bessel Resonator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 93, 205-219, 2009.

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