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Experimental Demonstration of Metamaterial-Based Phase Modulation

By Iftekhar Mirza, Jerico N. Sabas, Shouyuan Shi, and Dennis W. Prather
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 93, 1-12, 2009


Phase modulation is critical due to its applicability in varied RF devices such as phased array antennas, radars to name a few. In this paper, we report experimental data on phase modulation in the X-band frequency using tunable metamaterials such as a planar design of stacked dual split ring resonators (DSRRs) of 3mm thickness at 8.5 GHz. Modulation was brought about by switching between the open and closed states of the rings causing a net change in the effective refractive index and thereby producing a phase variation. One and two dimensional free-space scanning experiments were carried out where a phase modulation of 62 degrees was demonstrated. The measured data matched well with the numerically simulated results.


Iftekhar Mirza, Jerico N. Sabas, Shouyuan Shi, and Dennis W. Prather, "Experimental Demonstration of Metamaterial-Based Phase Modulation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 93, 1-12, 2009.


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