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By K. Siakavara and C. Damianidis

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The potential to implement microwave filters with special properties, by loading a waveguide with artificial Single Negative (SNG) or Double negative (DNG) materials was investigated. The SNG or DNG medium was structured with dielectric spherical particles of high permittivity embedded in a dielectric material of much smaller permittivity. Numerical analysis of the frequency response of the waveguide loaded with slabs of this type of composite dielectrics reveals that filtering performance, with attributes like very sharp attenuation at the bounds of frequency pass or stop band can be obtained. The central frequency as well as the bandwidth of the filtering can be controlled via the size and the dielectric constants of the particles, the dielectric constant of the hosting material and the size of the slab.

K. Siakavara and C. Damianidis, "Microwave Filtering in Waveguides Loaded with Artificial Single or Double Negative Materials Realized with Dielectric Spherical Particles in Resonance," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 95, 103-120, 2009.

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