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By L. Shi, H.-J. Sun, W.-W. Dong, and X. Lv

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A dual-band multifunction hybrid antenna for carborne satellite communication relay system is presented in this paper. As a consequence of the radiation requirements, the proposed antenna consists of a left-hand circularly polarized (LHCP) microstrip patch and an omnidirectional biconical antenna with a conductor tube holding and radome. The LHCP microstrip antenna is used for satellite signal reception, and bionical antenna is used for relay communication transmission. A novel overmoded coaxial waveguide feed structure eliminates the interference between two feed ports. The proposed antenna has the advantages of robustness, low cost, and easy fabrication with conventional materials and printed circuit technology. An antenna prototype is fabricated to validate the design. Both the simulated and measured results are obtained with reasonable agreement.

L. Shi, H.-J. Sun, W.-W. Dong, and X. Lv, "A Dual-Band Multifunction Carborne Hybrid Antenna for Satellite Communication Relay System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 95, 329-340, 2009.

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