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By Y. Luo, J. Zhang, H. Chen, B.-I. Wu, and L.-X. Ran

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Ray-tracing exercise and full-wave analysis were performed to validate the performance of a type of cloak composed of isotropic metamaterials. It is shown that objects inside the 'folded region' of this cloak appear invisible to the incoming light from a ray tracing exercise, but exhibit magnified and shifted scattering under a plane wave illumination from a full wave analysis. Gaussian beams are introduced to resolve this interesting paradox resulted from these two methods. We show that at the time-harmonic state, small energy can be diffracted into the folded region and contribute to the resonant state even when the Gaussian beam is steered away from the cloak with an object inside. A scattering pattern identical to that scattered from the image of the object will be formed, which agrees well with the phenomenon in the plane wave incidence case.

Y. Luo, J. Zhang, H. Chen, B.-I. Wu, and L.-X. Ran, "Wave and Ray Analysis of a Type of Cloak Exhibiting Magnified and Shifted Scattering Effect," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 95, 167-178, 2009.

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