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Dual Band High Efficiency Class CE Power Amplifier Based on CRLH Diplexer

By Jose Luis Jiménez-Martín, Vicente Gonzalez-Posadas, Jose E. Gonzalez-Garcia, Francisco J. Arques-Orobon, Luis Enrique Garcia-Munoz, and Daniel Segovia-Vargas
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 217-240, 2009


In this paper, the most adequate architecture to implement dual frequency amplifiers is shown. Composite Right/Left Hand (CRLH) and Extended Composite Right/Left Hand (ECRLH) transmission lines are studied and evaluated to find the most suitable structure for dual band power amplifiers. As an example, the performance of a class CE amplifier, working in TETRA and GSM frequency bands, is compared with simulations and measurement, showing good agreement.


Jose Luis Jiménez-Martín, Vicente Gonzalez-Posadas, Jose E. Gonzalez-Garcia, Francisco J. Arques-Orobon, Luis Enrique Garcia-Munoz, and Daniel Segovia-Vargas, "Dual Band High Efficiency Class CE Power Amplifier Based on CRLH Diplexer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 217-240, 2009.


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