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By G. Liang, W. Gong, H. Liu, and J. Yu

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This paper presents a semi-physical simulation system for 61-channel DBF array transmitter antenna on LEO satellite. It consists of a hardware platform for digital beamfoming network (BFN) and a software simulation system for DBF array. The background and wideband input interface are described, and the signal process of digital beamforming network is discussed in detail. General DFT filter bank, distributed arithmetic (DA) algorithm and Hartley image rejection structure are adopted to design the digital BFN, which make the calculation of BFN reduced by 98.41% and get the multiplier consumption decreased to 7.11%, compared with conventional algorithms. A novel digital BFN hardware platform with distributed structure is designed, which can complete the high speed array signal processing with maximum throughput of 32.025 Gbps. Ultimately, the measurements of semi-physical simulation system show good agreement with the ideal simulation result. The derivation of radiation pattern from energy distribution of earth's surface demonstrates that the DBF array has good performance on beam coverage with equal flux density and satisfies the application in mobile satellite communication.

G. Liang, W. Gong, H. Liu, and J. Yu, "A Semi-Physical Simulation System for DBF Transmitter Array on LEO Satellite," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 197-215, 2009.

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