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By H. Zhang, S. Y. Tan, and H. S. Tan

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This paper presents a microwave imaging method for malignant tumors using flanged parallel-plate waveguide probes, based on detecting the significant difference in complex permittivity that exists between the tumor and its surrounding tissues. The presence of a tumor is identified from a frequency scan of the resonant scattering parameters. The tumor location can be estimated using S21 obtained at various positions of the region of concern, e.g. human organ, biological tissues, etc., while another probe transmits at the position yielding maximum resonating response of S11, with triangulation technique. A tumor can also be distinguished from clutter items. With specific reference to the detection of breast cancer, simulation studies are presented to verify the performance of this probe and the proposed detection technique.

H. Zhang, S. Y. Tan, and H. S. Tan, "A Flanged Parallel-Plate Waveguide Probe for Microwave Imaging of Tumors," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 97, 45-60, 2009.

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