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By J. Sheen, Z.-W. Hong, C.-W. Su, and H.-C. Chen

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This article reports on a study of the dielectric constants of ceramic dispersions in the polyethylene matrix at microwave frequency. The exponential and logarithmic mixture rules are studied in three ceramic powders of fillers with dielectric constants 10, 20, and 36, respectively. The experimental values of the dielectric constants of the mixtures are compared to those obtained by using different mixing laws. The mixing rules are also adopted to calculate the dielectric constants of pure ceramics from the measured dielectric constants of composites with various concentrations. The theories on errors of calculations are studied. The most adequate mixture equation for measuring the dielectric constants of pure ceramics is suggested.

J. Sheen, Z.-W. Hong, C.-W. Su, and H.-C. Chen, "Microwave Measurements of Dielectric Constants by Exponential and Logarithmic Mixture Equations," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 100, 13-26, 2010.

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