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By N. Sternberg and A. I. Smolyakov

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A study of electromagnetic wave propagation in dense plasmas when the wave frequency is below the cut-off frequency is presented. A three-layer symmetric structure consisting of dense plasma nested between two boundary layers is studied analytically and numerically. The permittivity of the dense plasma is negative, while the permittivity of each boundary layer is greater than 1. It is shown that total transmission of an electromagnetic wave can be achieved if an adequate incidence angle, dielectric permittivity of the boundary layers and corresponding boundary layer widths are chosen. It is found that plasma transparency is due to resonance between the evanescent waves in the dense plasma region and the standing waves in the boundary layers. Resonance conditions are derived analytically and the relationship between the corresponding parameters of the problem are studied numerically.

N. Sternberg and A. I. Smolyakov, "Resonant Transparency of a Three-Layer Structure Containing the Dense Plasma Region," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 99, 37-52, 2009.

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