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By D. Gao and L. Gao

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The Goos-Hanchen (GH) shift of the reflected waves from nonlinear nanocomposites of interleaved nonspherical metal and dielectric particles are investigated both theoretically and numerically. First, based on spectral representation theory and effective medium approximation, we derive the field-dependent effective permittivity of the nonlinear composites. Then the stationary phase method is adopted to study the GH shifts from nonlinear composites. It is found that for a given volume fraction, there exist two critical polarization factors Lc1 and Lc2, and bistable GH shifts appear only when L < Lc1 or L < Lc2. Moreover, both giant negative and positive GH shifts accompanied with large reflectivity are found, hence they can be easily observed in experiments. The reversal of the GH shift may be controlled by adjusting both the incident angle and the applied field. Numerical simulations for Gaussian-type incident beam are performed, and good agreement between simulated data and theoretical ones is found especially for large waist width.

D. Gao and L. Gao, "Tunable Lateral Shift through Nonlinear Composites of Nonspherical Particles," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 99, 273-287, 2009.

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