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By J.-M. Fernandez Gonzalez, E. Rajo-Iglesias, and M. Sierra-Castaner

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In this work, ideally hard struts with different cross sections are analyzed. Firstly, the characterization of the invisibility of a given object in terms of an equivalent blockage width is discussed. Then, the effect of the incidence angle on struts for reducing electromagnetic blockage using the same ideally hard cylinders is analyzed. It is shown that the variation of incidence angle in azimuth is very sensitive in terms of blockage for both polarizations. Finally, design charts for ideally hard struts which reduce blockage simultaneously for TE and TM cases are presented. This can be used to define some performance goals for final realized struts.

J.-M. Fernandez Gonzalez, E. Rajo-Iglesias, and M. Sierra-Castaner, "Ideally Hard Struts to Achieve Invisibility," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 99, 179-194, 2009.

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