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By F. A. Tahir, H. Aubert, and E. Girard

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This article presents an equivalent electrical circuit for designing Radio-Frequency MEMS-controlled planar phase shifter. This kind of phase shifters has recently been incorporated in reconfigurable reflectarrays. The proposed equivalent circuit depends on the number, the ON/OFF state and the locations of the switches inside the unit cell. Such equivalent circuit is used for determining, with a little computational effort, the two important design parameters i.e., the number and the locations of RF-MEMS switches in the phase shifter cell. These two design parameters then allow a designer to design a phase shifter cell having a linear distribution of a given number of phases over 360┬░ phase range at a single desired frequency.

F. A. Tahir, H. Aubert, and E. Girard, "Equivalent Electrical Circuit for Designing MEMS-Controlled Reflectarray Phase Shifters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 100, 1-12, 2010.

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