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By M. Pergol and W. Zieniutycz

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In the paper the unified design procedure for planar dipoles oriented on UWB application is proposed. The procedure leads to obtain a good matching characteristic of planar dipoles in UWB frequency band. The design process is split into two parts: the radiator and the balun design. The Radiator Quality Factor (RQF) is defined as an evaluation suitability of planar radiators to be matched in UWB frequency band. Based on RQF, the optimal circular radiator is chosen, and the whole dipole antenna is designed. The general algorithm of antenna design is formulated and utilised in the planar dipole with elliptical arms project. Two antennas, with circular and elliptical arms, have been fabricated and measured in order to verify the design procedure. Both antennas are characterized by the reflection coefficient less than -10 dB from 2 GHz up to 14 GHz.

M. Pergol and W. Zieniutycz, "Unified Design Procedure for Planar Dipoles Oriented on UWB Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 102, 249-265, 2010.

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