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By Z. Sun, M. Guo, F. Verhaeghe, J. Vleugels, O. Van der Biest, and B. Blanpain

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An analytical approach is developed in the present paper to investigate the interaction between two non-magnetic particles migrating in a conductive fluid due to an imposed strong magnetic field (e.g., 10 Tesla). The interaction between the conductive fluid and a single particle migrating along the magnetic lines is influenced by the magnetic field and can be represented by an additional fluid viscosity. Thus the effective fluid viscosity is discussed and the magnetic field effect on the particle migrating velocity is examined. For two particles, two kinds of magnetic forces are induced: namely, the attractive force due to the magnetisation and the repulsive force caused by the conductive fluid flow around the non-magnetic particles. The forces are then evaluated with the consideration of the magnetic field effect on the particle migration and become significant with the increase of the magnetic flux density. The counteracting behavior with a critical particle size of the interparticle magnetic forces is discussed and compared with different magnetic field densities and gradient values.

Z. Sun, M. Guo, F. Verhaeghe, J. Vleugels, O. Van der Biest, and B. Blanpain, "Magnetic Interaction Between Two Non-Magnetic Particles Migrating in a Conductive Fluid Induced by a Strong Magnetic Field-an Analytical Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 103, 1-16, 2010.

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