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By C.-J. Wu and Z.-H. Wang

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A theoretical analysis of the properties of the defect modes in a one-dimensional defective photonic crystal (PC) is given. Two defective PCs stacked in symmetric and asymmetric geometries are considered. The defect modes are investigated by the calculated wavelength-dependent transmittance for both TE and TM waves. It is found that there exists a single defect mode within the photonic band gap (PBG) in the asymmetric PC. There are, however, two defect modes within the PBG in the symmetric one. The dependences of defect modes on the angle of incidence are illustrated. Additionally, the effect of defect thickness on the number of defect modes is also examined.

C.-J. Wu and Z.-H. Wang, "Properties of Defect Modes in One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 103, 169-184, 2010.

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