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By H. Lim and N.-H. Myung

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A novel hybrid adaptive iterative physical optics-method of moments (AIPO-MoM) technique is presented for the electromagnetic analysis of jet engine structures that are both electrically large and complex in both stationary and dynamic cases. In this technique, the AIPO method is used to analyze the smooth inlet region, and the MoM method is used to analyze the electrically complex compressor region, including blades and a hub. It is efficient and accurate by virtue of combining the respective merits of both methods. In the dynamic case, a concept for modified impedance equation is proposed to reduce computational load. Numerical results are presented and verified through comparison with Mode-FDTD and measured and commercial simulation packages results.

H. Lim and N.-H. Myung, "A Novel Hybrid Aipo-MoM Technique for Jet Engine Modulation Analysis," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 104, 85-97, 2010.

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