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By D. Franceschini

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Microwave inverse scattering approaches have shown their effectiveness in imaging inaccessible regions. Unfortunately, the problem at hand is strongly non-linear and ill-posed and therefore it is often solved by seeking for the global minimum of a proper functional. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to introduce suitable regularizations in order to improve the convergence of the reconstruction process toward a reliable solution. In this context, the paper presents a method that exploits an energetic constraint to define a regularization term of the cost functional. A numerical validation with single and multiple inhomogeneous lossless targets demonstrates that an improvement of the reconstruction accuracy is achievable without introducing significant computational complexity to the inverse scattering problem.

D. Franceschini, "Numerical Investigation of an Energetic Constraint for Inverse Scattering Problems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 104, 49-67, 2010.

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