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By A. W. Reza, S. M. Pillai, K. Dimyati, and K. G. Tan

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This paper proposes a new positioning system utilizing mobile readers that are programmed to move in a zigzag pattern to locate the tags. The proposed zigzag mobility pattern is able to cover an area completely within a given period, determine optimal number of required mobile readers, and find out reader placement and movement pattern. The received signal strength (RSS) model is used to exchange the information over a short range by estimating the position of the tag by means of distance information between the reader and the tag. The results obtained from this study point out that the proposed method is able to provide near exact tag position. The proposed method can achieve average error as low as 0.6 m. With this proposed method, the scanning of large areas, such as warehouses, libraries, and storage areas can be done very quickly. Mobile reader is proposed because it is cost-effective, fast, and is able to provide relatively accurate results.

A. W. Reza, S. M. Pillai, K. Dimyati, and K. G. Tan, "A Novel Positioning System Utilizing Zigzag Mobility Pattern," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 106, 263-278, 2010.

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