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By V. Kesari

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The earlier developed combined beam-absent analysis of the disc-loaded-coaxial waveguide in two-configurations (part-1) has shown promise for wideband gyro-traveling-wave tube (gyro-TWT) if the configurations are used as interaction structure. In the present paper, the beam-present dispersion relation and small-signal gain equation in Pierce's format for the disc-loaded-coaxial waveguide were developed. A broadening of the device bandwidth was presented by disc-loading the coaxial waveguide interaction structure of a gyro-TWT with a comparison against the circular cylindrical waveguide, coaxial waveguide, and disc-loaded circular waveguide in their respective gain-frequency responses obtained by using a numerical computer code on the basis of the present beam-present analysis.

V. Kesari, "Beam-Present Analysis of Disc-Loaded-Coaxial Waveguide for its Application in Gyro-TWT (Part-2)," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 109, 229-243, 2010.

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