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Half Mode Microwave Filters Based on Epsilon Near Zero and MU Near Zero Concepts

By Benjamin Lopez-Garcia, Devata Venkata Bhyrava Murthy, and Alonso Corona-Chavez
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 113, 379-393, 2011


A new design of microwave band pass filter design is presented using metamaterial-inspired Epsilon Near Zero (ENZ) and Mu Near Zero (MNZ) behaviors. These filters are based on waveguide technology. The proposed structure allows us to reduce the number of tunnels normally used for passband filter design by reducing its size. It is also incorporated the half mode concept to the tunnels leading a greater miniaturization. Two Chebyshev filters with two and four-poles were designed, fabricated and measured showing good agreement between simulated and experimental results.


Benjamin Lopez-Garcia, Devata Venkata Bhyrava Murthy, and Alonso Corona-Chavez, "Half Mode Microwave Filters Based on Epsilon Near Zero and MU Near Zero Concepts," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 113, 379-393, 2011.


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