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By S. Bonafoni, F. Alimenti, G. Angelucci, and G. Tasselli

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This paper deals with passive microwave imaging for fire detection by means of a single-channel ground-based radiometer. The simulation of images sensed in the presence of fire spots under different environmental and operative conditions will be presented. We will refer to a low-cost ground-based radiometer operating at 12.65 GHz. Scenarios with fires where visible and IR sensors are not useful with respect to a microwave imager will be investigated in deep, such as in the presence of vegetation canopy optically masking fire sources and smoke plumes in the early stage. These simulations will assess limits and capabilities of microwave imaging for the identification of little fires masked by forest areas.

S. Bonafoni, F. Alimenti, G. Angelucci, and G. Tasselli, "Microwave Radiometry Imaging for Forest Fire Detection: a Simulation Study," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 112, 77-92, 2011.

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