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By O. Xu

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The dielectric pyramid loaded and the dielectric cone loaded diagonal horn working at 150 GHz are investigated by using Gaussian beam mode analysis. With extremely low cross-polarized and axially symmetrical field distribution in the horn aperture, the calculated fundamental Gaussian mode coupling achieves about 98%. The far field radiation patterns of the two antennas are analyzed using fundamental Gaussian mode aperture-field distribution model whose results agree with high-accuracy CSTTM software computations, indicating that the dielectric loaded horns radiate fine Gaussian beams. The dielectric loaded geometry may be used to modify the diagonal horns with distorted beam.

O. Xu, "Diagonal Horn Gaussian Efficiency Enhancement by Dielectric Loading for Submillimeter Wave Application at 150 GHz ," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 114, 177-194, 2011.

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