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By M. Zhang, Y. W. Zhao, H. Chen, and W.-Q. Jiang

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An efficient double superimposition model (DSM) is proposed to generate two-dimensional (2-D) ocean surface waves. On the basis of this efficient model, a modulated slope-deterministic facet model (MSDFM) is developed to compute the radar cross section (RCS) of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for the generated ocean surface. Then, the properties of the SAR imaging mechanism for wind seas are discussed from a combination of SAR and ocean wave parameters. Furthermore, a hybrid facet scheme, which is the combination of physical theory of diffraction equivalent edge currents (PTDEEC) and physical optics (PO) method, is introduced to analyze the high frequency scattering characteristics of large ship target. Finally, this hybrid facet scheme combines with the four-path model and MSDFM to investigate SAR imaging for the composite model of ship on dynamic ocean scene. The resolution degradation of ship-ocean model arising from different facet velocities within a SAR resolution cell and the range migration caused by coupling scattering are investigated in this paper. SAR imagery simulations of marine scene are illustrated, proving the validity and practicability of the presented algorithms.

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