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By K. B. Baltzis

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This paper presents a geometrically based method for the calculation of the node-to-node distance distribution function in circular-shaped networks. In our approach, this function is obtained from the intersection volume of a sphere and an ellipsoid. The method is valid for both overlapping and non-overlapping networks. Simulation results and comparisons with methods in the literature demonstrate the efficacy of the approach. The relation between networks geometric parameters and distance statistics is explored. As an application example, we model distance-dependent path loss and investigate the impact of channel characteristics and networks size on signal absorption. The aforementioned model is a useful and low-complexity tool for system-level modeling and simulation of mobile communication systems.

K. B. Baltzis, "A Geometric Method for Computing the Nodal Distance Distribution in Mobile Networks," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 114, 159-175, 2011.

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