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By M. G. Araujo, J. M. Taboada, J. Rivero, and F. Obelleiro

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A wide analysis of left-handed material (LHM) spheres with different constitutive parameters has been carried out employing different integral-equation formulations based on the Method of Moments. The study is focused on the accuracy assessment of formulations combining normal equations (combined normal formulation, CNF), tangential equations (combined tangential formulation, CTF, and Poggio-Miller-Chang-Harrington-Wu-Tsai formulation, PMCHWT) and both of them (electric and magnetic current combined field integral equation, JMCFIE) when dealing with LHM's. Relevant and informative features as the condition number, the eigenvalues distribution and the iterative response are analyzed. The obtained results show up the suitability of the JMCFIE for this kind of analysis in contrast with the unreliable behavior of the other approaches.

M. G. Araujo, J. M. Taboada, J. Rivero, and F. Obelleiro, "Comparison of Surface Integral Equations for Left-Handed Materials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 118, 425-440, 2011.

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