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By X. Zhu, Z. Zhao, W. Yang, Y. Zhang, Z.-P. Nie, and Q. H. Liu

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An iterative Time-Reversal Mirror (TRM) method is proposed to Detect and Image the buried target beneath ground surface. Unlike the conventional TRM methods which treat the information of the ground as clutters and directly delete them, the iterative TRM imaging method proposed in this paper utilizes the information of rough ground surface as a useful knowledge. The new approach is consisted of two TRM procedures. In the first TRM procedure, it aims to image the rough surface where the propagation environment for electromagnetic wave is free space. The second TRM procedure aims to image the buried target. In this step, the information of the rough surface estimated by the first TRM procedure will be treated as newly updated propagation environment. Then conventional TRM is applied to image the buried target. By applying this iterative TRM method, the information of the rough ground can be well considered in the whole TRM procedure. Numerical simulations prove that this method performs significantly better image contrast comparing with the results obtained by using conventional TRM. 4-5 dB improvement on the imaging SNR has been achieved. Furthermore, the target can be located more accurately.

X. Zhu, Z. Zhao, W. Yang, Y. Zhang, Z.-P. Nie, and Q. H. Liu, "Iterative Time-Reversal Mirror Method for Imaging the Buried Object Beneath Rough Ground Surface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 117, 19-33, 2011.

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