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By X. Li, Y. Ye, and Y. Jin

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Structure with non-negative effective permittivities in the radial and tangential directions can also perform far-field imaging beyond the diffraction limit since the dispersion curves can be long and flat enough and utilized to transfer the subwavelength information. Thus we propose an impedance-mismatched hyperlens with such a dispersion curve and increasing thicknesses (from the innermost layer to the outermost) to reduce reflection losses due to the impedance difference between the nearby layer pairs. Compared with the hyperlens with same thickness for each period, the resolution ability of the hyperlens with varying thicknesses can be improved dramatically, while the image intensity is weaker. Furthermore, the influence of the layer number on the imaging is also analyzed to improve the performance of the system and an improved hyperlens with repeated thickness setting is also utilized to increase the intensity of the magnified image.

X. Li, Y. Ye, and Y. Jin, "Impedance-Mismatched Hyperlens with Increasing Layer Thicknesses," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 118, 273-286, 2011.

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