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By I. Catapano, F. Soldovieri, and L. Crocco

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We discuss the applicability of the Linear Sampling Method (LSM) to GPR surveys carried out using array-based configurations. Since the images achieved via LSM are known to get worse when using a small number of antennas and a limited aperture, we introduce an analytic tool to foresee the expected LSM performance for a fixed array size and number of antennas. Notably, such a tool allows us to support (and appraise) the adoption of LSM to data collected with short arrays moved above the investigated domain, which is the configuration most viable in applications.

I. Catapano, F. Soldovieri, and L. Crocco, "On the Feasibility of the Linear Sampling Method for 3D GPR Surveys," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 118, 185-203, 2011.

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