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By M. Navarro-Cia, V. Torres Landivar, M. Beruete, and M. Sorolla Ayza

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A novel route to achieve a narrowband free-space electromagnetic absorber in any range of the spectrum based on stacked subwavelength hole arrays is proposed. The absorption is obtained by means of a slow light mode inside a fishnet-like engineered structure and exploiting the unavoidable misalignments and bucklings of the free-standing stack. An incoming pulse becomes permanently trapped in the structure due to the near zero group velocity which causes an enhancement of the radiation-structure interaction that leads to a huge increment of losses arising from the finite conductivity of the metal as well as arrangement tolerances. This approach is studied not only by simulation but also experimentally under normal incidence at millimeter wavelengths. Moreover, a basic grasp about the angular dependence of the structure is given by analyzing the 2D dispersion diagram. It shows that this scheme may also display high absorption under oblique incidence for s-polarization (or TE-polarization), whereas $p$-polarization (TM-polarization) would degrade its performance.

M. Navarro-Cia, V. Torres Landivar, M. Beruete, and M. Sorolla Ayza, "A Slow Light Fishnet-Like Absorber in the Millimeter-Wave Range," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 118, 287-301, 2011.

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