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By B. NiEXGNhzCyXCzSIUZWC and Y. Dai

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In this paper, we propose several array topologies to achieve good power-combining characteristics for the open slot antenna. By utilizing an appropriate feeding structure and injecting in-phase or out-of-phase signals, power-combining radiation patterns can be derived. Simulated surface current distributions of several antenna structures are presented to explain radiation mechanism. From the results of radiation performance, the advantages of gain enhancement and pattern reconfiguration are shown. By varying the phase difference of two injected signals of the open slot antenna array, two-dimensional beam-scanning radiation patterns are successfully demonstrated.

B. NiEXGNhzCyXCzSIUZWC and Y. Dai, "Studies of Power-Combining of Open Slot Antenna Arrays," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 120, 423-437, 2011.

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