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By V. Lotito, U. Sennhauser, C. V. Hafner, and G.-L. Bona

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We present a numerical analysis of the interaction between novel scanning near field optical microscopy probes based on an asymmetric structure and a single fluorescent molecule. Our finite element analysis shows how such near field probes can be effectively used for high resolution detection of single molecules, in particular those with a longitudinal dipole moment. At the same time, fluorescent molecules can be exploited as point-like probes of the single vectorial components of the near field distribution at the probe apex, providing a powerful tool for near field probe characterization.

V. Lotito, U. Sennhauser, C. V. Hafner, and G.-L. Bona, "Interaction of an Asymmetric Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy Probe with Fluorescent Molecules," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 121, 281-299, 2011.

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