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By Z. G. Zhang, Y. Fan, Y. J. Cheng, and Y.-H. Zhang

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A high-performance multilayer dual-mode filter is developed based on the substrate integrated waveguide circular cavity (SICC) in this paper. The filter is constructed with two circular cavities and each cavity supports two degeneration modes, which can be generated and controlled by the coupling aperture and slot located between layers. Detailed design process is introduced to synthesize an X-band dual-mode dual-layer filter. It not only has the good performances, but also reduces the circuit size much more. Moreover, it can be found that the upper side response of the filter is very steep. Good agreement is obtained between the simulated and measured results of the proposed structure.

Z. G. Zhang, Y. Fan, Y. J. Cheng, and Y.-H. Zhang, "A Compact Multilayer Dual-Mode Substrate Integrated Circular Cavity (Sicc) Filter for X-Band Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 122, 453-465, 2012.

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