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By J.-R. Chang Chien, C.-C. Liu, C.-J. Wu, P. Y. Wu, and C. C. Li

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In this work, a theoretical analysis on the design of the beam splitter (BS) based on the frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) is made. We consider a model structure made of a low-index gap layer bounded by two high-index layers. In the design of a 50/50 BS, we find that there exists a critical gap thickness which is a decreasing function of the angle of incidence for both TE and TM waves. There also exists a critical wavelength for the incident wave, and it increases with increasing angle of incidence. Finally, at a fixed gap thickness and wavelength of incident wave, the critical angle in $TE$ wave is slightly larger than that of $TM$ wave. The analysis provides some fundamental information that is of particular use to the design of a BS within the framework of FTIR.

J.-R. Chang Chien, C.-C. Liu, C.-J. Wu, P. Y. Wu, and C. C. Li, "Design Analysis of a Beam Splitter Based on the Frustrated Total Internal Reflection," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 124, 71-83, 2012.

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