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On Body Concealed Weapon Detection Using a Phased Antenna Array

By Stuart William Harmer, Shawn Edward Cole, Nicholas John Bowring, Nacer Ddine Rezgui, and David Andrews
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 124, 187-210, 2012


The detection and identification of metal items and, in particular weapons, of linear size ≥10 cm, concealed upon the human body, is demonstrated as being entirely feasible by using a phased array of suitably ultra wide band transceivers. The complex natural resonances and especially the fundamental resonance, are excited by ultra wide band, stepped frequency continuous wave illumination of the target, using a phased array of antennae to focus the radiation. Broadband illumination of the target with microwave radiation of suitable frequency range (Typically 0.3-3 GHz for handgun sized objects) excites low order complex natural resonances and the late time response of the concealed item can be spatially located using phased array imaging techniques. Further processing of the late time response enables classification of the concealed object, based on the complex natural resonant frequencies of the object, so that threat items such as handguns and knives can be differentiated from benign items such as mobile phone handsets and cameras.


Stuart William Harmer, Shawn Edward Cole, Nicholas John Bowring, Nacer Ddine Rezgui, and David Andrews, "On Body Concealed Weapon Detection Using a Phased Antenna Array," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 124, 187-210, 2012.


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