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By G. Calo and V. Petruzzelli

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A GHz Transverse Electromagnetic (GTEM) cell is proposed to investigate the arising of biological effects due to electromagnetic signals at the typical frequencies of mobile phone communications. The proposed GTEM cell, placed within a commercial incubator, has been ad hoc designed and fabricated to expose in vitro samples. The electromagnetic and the thermal analyses of the GTEM cell are reported. In particular, the inner electromagnetic field and the Specific Absorption Rate of the exposed sample (saline solution having 9 g/l concentration) have been evaluated by a home-made computer code based on the transmission line matrix method. Furthermore, the thermal analysis of the exposure arrangement has been carried out by the finite difference time domain algorithm.

G. Calo and V. Petruzzelli, "Electromagnetic and Thermal Analyses of Improved Gtem Cells for Bioelectromagnetic Experiments," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 125, 503-526, 2012.

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