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By T.-H. Ding, Y.-S. Li, D.-C. Jiang, Y.-Z. Qu, and X. Yan

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In this paper, a new method is proposed to estimate the simultaneous switching noise (SSN) directly from the power delivery network (PDN) frequency-domain impedance in order to reduce the time-domain simulation of SSN and computational burden, which is based on the periodic characteristics of the switching current and the SSN produced by one current pulse. The frequency-domain impedance is approximated with several single resonance circuits, which can capture the resonance characteristics of the PDN. The parameters of each resonance circuit are calculated with the rational function. It is also found that the SSN can be suppressed through adjusting the resonant frequencies and the period of switching current. Compared with the single resonance lumped circuit model and multi-resonance distributed circuit model, the performance of the new method for estimating the SSN is verified, which is more accurate than the target impedance method.

T.-H. Ding, Y.-S. Li, D.-C. Jiang, Y.-Z. Qu, and X. Yan, "Estimation Method for Simultaneous Switching Noise in Power Delivery Network for High-Speed Digital System Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 125, 79-95, 2012.

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