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By O. Barkat

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An analytical model is presented to investigate the performances of an annular-ring patch etched on a two layered dielectric substrate and is covered by a dielectric superstrate, by using a full-wave spectral domain technique in conjunction with the complex resistive boundary condition. Galerkin's method and Parseval's theorem are used to obtain the resonant frequency and bandwidth. To validate the theoretical results, a study has been performed for an annular-ring patch on a single layer, with air gap, and cover layer. The computed data are found to be in good agreement with results obtained using other methods. Variations of the resonant frequency and bandwidth with the high temperature superconducting (HTS) thin film are also presented. The proposed model is simple, accurate and thus should help a designer for practical applications.

O. Barkat, "Theoretical Study of Superconducting Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna with Several Dielectric Layers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 127, 31-48, 2012.

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