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By Y. Amin, Q. Chen, H. Tenhunen, and L.-R. Zheng

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Fully integrated printed RFID antennas show potential solution for item level labeling applications. In order to accommodate the antenna during the package printing process, it is vastly preferred that antenna structures are printed on paper substrates. However, the electromagnetic properties and thickness of paper substrates are susceptible to change due to various environmental effects. Thus, adequately consistent in performance and material insensitive printed Quadrate Bowtie RFID antennas are proposed. This paper presents an in-depth efficient optimization for high performance tag antenna designs for operability in frequencies 866-868 MHz & 902-928 MHz. It is demonstrated that the proposed antennas can tolerate a considerable variation in the permittivity on thin paper substrates, and present benchmarking results when n across metal and water containing objects.

Y. Amin, Q. Chen, H. Tenhunen, and L.-R. Zheng, "Performance-Optimized Quadrate Bowtie RFID Antennas for Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Industrial Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 126, 49-64, 2012.

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