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By M. Luo and K.-M. Huang

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This paper presents an extended delay-rational macromodel for electromagnetic interference analysis of mixed signal circuits. Firstly, an S-parameter matrix based delay-rational macromodel of the associated microwave network or system is established. Then, we extend the macromodel to include the external electromagnetic interference effects. The forced waves induced by the excitation fields are computed using full-wave method and treated as additional equivalent sources. Next, the macromodel is modified to embed the additional sources at each corresponding port. Finally, the resulting macromodel is converted into equivalent circuit for circuit analysis with the corresponding linear and non-linear port terminations. Several examples are computed by using the proposed method and the numerical results are compared with those obtained by 3-D FDTD method only. They are all in a good agreement that validate this method.

M. Luo and K.-M. Huang, "An Extended Delay-Rational Macromodel for Electromagnetic Interference Analysis of Mixed Signal Circuits," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 127, 189-210, 2012.

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